Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#1 - Missing The Action (#222)

The day started with Nathaniel waking up and getting out of bed in a jerry mood. It was when he looked out his window that he saw why he was happy. It was raining. Nathaniel had a liking towards the rain and the clouds. He quickly got dressed in a t-shirt and pants that were his father's some years ago. He walked down the stairs, his thumping echoing in the stairwell, and reached the front door. The rain pattered on the window. He stood there for a while, thinking hard of what he'd do.

He needed food for the evening. His fridge was empty, since it had been easy to carry up the steps yesterday. He stepped outside and instantly felt the rain hit his body and his soul. Some feel the rain, others just get wet, he thought. With a smile on his face, and his hands reaching out to grasp the rain, he hopped into a puddle. He took a look around.

There were cars stopped, stuck together. It seems that traffic never likes the rain. He walked down to the crosswalk to the intersection of Blackburn and Applewood, and made his way to the other side.

Nathaniel did not know where he could buy his food as he had just moved here the day before. All he'd seen were the apple trees on Applewood, the building of Winthrop Place, his apartment room, named #222, and his fridge.

He could've taken a right onto Canary Street, but he saw an old tree some distance up ahead. He walked across tall grass over to this tree and realized he was in an old park. It was barren except for the tree and a statue. Nathaniel walked over to the statue and looked upwards to it. The person that it was of seemed to have less life than a normal statue. How can someone be more dead than the stone he is now made of? Nathaniel reached Paradise Avenue.

Some time later, he saw an ethnic grocery store on the other side of the street. He ran across in the rain that was still going. He looked inside through the windows and saw a old man behind the counter. Nathaniel went in.

Nathaniel did not say anything to the man and began to look for his unknown dinner. Something worth more than ramen noodles, but still cheap-ish, as he had a month before his first paycheck from Jimmy's Used Bookstore. He saw some food that looked okay for his taste, even if he did not know what it was. He went to the counter, giving the food for checkout. Nathaniel looked into the old man's eyes.

His eyes were green and reminded Nathaniel of the grass at the parks in Finnburg. Always shining after rainfall. And how he would always rest his eyes, laying on the grass as the clouds began to clear and the sun shined.

Nathaniel reached back at Winthrop Place around 4:30 PM, after some more walking throughout the area. When he was waiting for the light to change, police cars sped by, their alarms blaring. Nathaniel sighed, having not missed the sounds of society on the long ride from Finnburg to here.

Nathaniel went into his room and read his book at the kitchen table. Afterwards, he ate his dinner, still not sure what it was he was eating. By 7:00 he walked to his bed and laid on it's single sheet. He was still in his clothes, but he was ready to go to sleep and wake early tomorrow.