Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#4 - The Murder in The 7th Floor

Nathaniel's tuxedo may have costed a fortune to rent, but it seemed worth it, walking out in the chilling night, it's fabric holding from the heavy winds.

Nathaniel reached the door to the 7th floor, with Beck coming right behind him.
“Hey, Beck,” Nathaniel opened the door, “Nice to see you’re here.”
“Yeah, good to see ya too, buddy,” Beck said. “Thanks,” he passed by Nathaniel into the floor. Walking into the room, there was already a murmur of activity. People were chatting and talking, waiting to get started with the dinner. Nathaniel walked up to a group with Beck in it, clutching his fake self made novel.
Nathaniel didn’t listen to what anyone in the group was saying, except he heard that Beck’s role was a lawyer, and that Eadon was the mayor.
“It’s great to be in the company of two members of the bureaucracy!” Nathaniel joked. Beck laughed along, and Eadon chuckled. Nathaniel left the group, and then drifted over the condiments table. There were cookies, punch juice, and some cupcakes. Maya came over to him. “Yeah, I know they look horrible,” she said. “I promise that the rest of it isn’t as rushed.”
“I think it’s all okay,” Nathan said with a smile, taking a cupcake. “Nothing is as bad as it seems.” Maya smiled a little and then walked away. While undoing the wrapping, Nathaniel saw the rest of the party was underway, people were gathering at the table and taking their seats.
Nathaniel walked over to the table, taking a seat at the corner. Everyone continued to chat, and Nathaniel opened his book- the fake novel made by his fake character. While he looked, Nathaniel’s eyes roamed the inkless and wordless pages. He traced creases and invisible lines with his finger.

And it was then that the blood was too much, and it was then that he became blinded. He, of all men, was a blinded fool. There was no family and there was no love left. He was going out of his mind. There was only the deaths. Only the deaths.

While reading, the lights went out. A shrill scream was heard. And then, the lights came on, followed by gasps in surprise. The circus’ second man was dead, flooded in his blood. Nathaniel looked briefly, turning his head away to look at the empty pages.

Only the deaths.

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