Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#7 - Over the Rainbow

Under the red sky
They are gone forever now
Now he understands

“Nathaniel,” said the man with shining and round glasses, shaking his hand, “thank you very much for spending time with me today. I’m very sorry about your parents when you were young, and it is very brave of you to come and talk about it. Please, feel free to call at any time.”
Nathaniel nodded lightly, and smiled with a chuckle. “Thanks,” he paused. He looked through the room; the mahogany walls and the paintings of heroes and justice made him feel the odor of his father’s study come back. That home was still there. He glanced to the window, the shining sun and white heaves gleaming. “I… well,” he saw the double rainbow across the sky. “I think I’ll come to good days.”
“Of course! It takes time. Have a good day.”
He smiled, leaving. At the darkness of night, he, for the first time, felt just over the borderline.

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