Sunday, May 7, 2017

#8 - Shadows Are Falling

Nathaniel strode around in the massive IKEA. He had never been to one, Finnburg is small, and he wouldn't have gone, except that Banks had invited him, along with Michael. If anything, he liked her art work, and her tastes made his mind run like fabled spices of the far off lands. The two worked at Jimmy's Bookstore, discussing music- Nathaniel about guitar, and Bank about Michael's, somewhat, painful piano music.

He had been roaming around - when the power went out.

Shadows are falling, and I've been here all day, he thought. The panic and screaming was getting to Nathaniel when he saw the clown. The man with a painted face and fake life was looking around, as though nothing happened. Nathaniel made his way over and the clown turned.

"Where is the ringmaster?" he stood tall.

"He's skipped out of town," the clown said.

Nathaniel's body tensed and he bit his lower lip- his fists began to tighten and his brain was racing.

"Yeah, well, can you send him a message?"


Nathaniel's right hand, clenched, socked the clown right in his jaw, tumbling him to the ground.

"Stay the hell away. Forever."

The clown slowly shuffled back up and ran quickly around the corner.

"Damn," said a voice.

Turning, he saw it was Beck.

"Oh," he sighed. "Yeah. I guess."

Beck laughed. "Well, does that mean some kind of ending to your problem?"

Nathaniel paused. "Yeah, I mean..." he glanced around. "If you want to be happy, get rid of the bad, ya know?"

Beck nodded, smiling. Something came over his face, suddenly and his eyes darted around. "I've, uh, gotta go, actually. See ya around," he turned back towards the doors, the sun streaming through them.

Nathaniel smiled and strode around.

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